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The theme RAW reminded me the famous Gordan Ramsay meme "it's too raw!"
So I made a cooking game where you lose if the food is too raw (or burnt).
You have precise timings to respect, but no timer allowed!
- The graphics are raw (made with paint)
- The code is raw (a single file full of dirty code and copy-pastes)
- The sound is raw (barely any music and some white noise for the cooking phases)
- The controls are raw (play with one finger on mobile / left click on desktop)
So, you get the point: the game is raw.

WebMonetization bonus: an easy mode!
Decentralized NEAR bonus: skins and levels shop!
Decentralized IPFS bonus: leaderboards and game download!
MPL bonus: an extra hard challenge where you have to send a football to mars (with your frying pan).

Thanks, b-raw-vo if you reach the and and au-raw-voir!


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Keeping icecream cool was weird :D



 “This fish is so raw, he’s still finding Nemo.”

really enjoyable game btw

Thanks, your comment makes me feel less like an idiot sandwich